iDA LAB  (i·de·a  lab)

/  īˈdēə ˈlab \

A bold verb

  1. the act of pushing design conventions
  2. focused creativity manifesting into innovative product solutions
  3. introduction of ideas to meet future market requirements
  4. a process for change

Examples of iDA Lab in a sentence:

Danielian’s iDA Lab studio blew me away with an innovative small lot product that meets changing demographic profiles AND is functional enough to be applied in a production housing environment.


Challenging conventions, anticipating unmet needs, finding a better way, creating sustainability and resilience, and discovering ‘what is next’.

Danielian Associates is passionately in pursuit of pushing the limits of residential design.  While some of our ideas start out in utopia, the #1 goal of our R&D studio is to take innovative concepts and adapt them into opportunities for real world application and production homebuilding.

Do you have a site or architectural challenge that requires the expertise of Danielian’s R&D Design Studio?  Contact our team to get a sneak peek of what the iDA Lab has been up to recently and how we can help you find a solution.